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Electric Motors Division - Low and high voltage motors

Electric Motors Division (EMD) executes:

a. Capital repairs to:

- low and high voltage asynchronous motors and generators up to 7200 kW;

- d.c. motors and generators;

- low and high voltage synchronous motors and generators;

- welding generators;

- submersible pumps;

- motors for lifting installations (lifts, cranes, electrohydraulic lifts, a.o.);

b. Repairs, interventions to client's location (whenever the equipment can not be moved).

c. Statical and dynamic balancing rotors up to 9000 kg.

EMD is endowed with:

- equipments and special devices to form and isolate coils;

- equipments and special devices for bearings;

- impregnation plant;

- drying and curing oven;

- balancing machines up to 9000 kg;

- benches for tests, measurements and no-load operating mode;

- equipment for cleaning and preparing surfaces for paint.

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Transformers Division - low and high voltage transformers

Transformers Division (TD) executes:

a. Capital repairs to:

- air/oil cooling transformers up to 4000 kVA and voltage up to 27.5 kV;

- high voltage aggregate, rectifier up to 110 kV;

- coils and uniphased transformers;

- electromagnets with diameters up to 2500 mm;

- rotary plates.

b. Oil regeneration.

c. Production of transformers.

TD is endowed with:

- specialized machines for transformer coils execution;

- oil regeneration plant with 4t/h capacity;

- drying and curing oven;

- benches for tests, measurements and no-load operating mode;

- high voltage installation for dielectric tests.

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Auxiliary Production Division (APD)

Auxiliary Production Division executes:

- metal cutting;

- metallic elements and structures;

- parts for motors and transformers;

- coupling elements;

- gaskets.

APD is endowed with:

- cutting machines;

- hydraulic presses;

- welding machines;

- welding generators;

- aluminium and coppers melting furnace.

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